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It has been an interesting week for the Kentucky Wildcats and John Calipari, not just because they lost to Arkansas at home and a none NIT team in South Carolina. It has been interesting because Calipari’s behavior has brought a lot of questions.

Dan Patrick talked a little about the situation for Calipari Tuesday on his national radio show. He seems to think that Cal’s days at Kentucky are numbered. Patrick thinks that Cal knows he cannot duplicate what he did with Anthony Davis and the 2012 team.

Patrick mentioned his exchange with Jerry Tipton Monday, to be fair they are not the best of buds.

The C-J’s Kyle Tucker was on the Joe B. and Denny Show Tuesday and asked the former UK coach his thoughts on Cal, his answer was insightful and brings only more questions.

 I have already had some interesting conversations with Kentucky fans. Most still have hope and believe Cal will stay for awhile, but there is doubt. The kind of doubt Louisville fans had every time Charlie Strong was mentioned for another job. That little bit of doubt mixed with sme rough losses can depress the most dedicated of fans.

Moral is definitely low in Lexington, luckily it is March and everyone is just one game away from making their fan base happy again.



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