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Ah Yes, the end of the year Charlie Strong rumors. Just like last year with all the SEC job openings, Strong is rumored to be in the mix for the coveted Texas Long Horn position the Mack Brown recently resigned from. 

There was already some chatter around Twitter and the blog world that the Louisville head coach would be considered when Brown resigned. Today Vegas said he was the overall favorite for the position with 2/1 odds.



Coach Strong made himself available to talk with the media Tuesday, mostly to talk about the upcoming bowl game against Miami. Of course, just like in years past, he was forced to address the rumor mill.

“I don’t even think about it. I have a really good job here,” Strong said while adding, “Four years ago I didn’t even have a job. It’s a tribute to this staff.” Says he has too much work to consider other jobs.”

 At the end of the day Louisville fans will just have to wait again. Texas is a big time coaching position, some would say bigger than some NFL gigs. There is the Long Horn Network and lots and lots of CA$H.

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