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Keith Kizer Steps down from role as executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission

Keith Kizer has been a polarizing figure at the top of the Boxing and MMA commission in Nevada.  His years as the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission have been marred with very angry fans of both MMA and Boxing.

Among many controversies he has been involved with include: 

-C.J. Ross’ horrible decision victory for Timothy Bradley on 6/9/2012.  What is possibly more infuriating for fans of the sweet science was Kizer’s refusal to reprimand Leslie in any way.  A simple suspension would have quieted many of his biggest critics regarding this decision. 

On 9/15/2013 she scored the Mayweather vs Alvarez fight as a draw and the collective world of Boxing fans wanted to snap her neck.  She eventually stepped down from the ranks of judging but Kizer isn’t believed to have influenced her decision at all.

-The controvery surrounding St. Pierre’s most recent victory in UFC 167 over Johny Hendricks was one of a long line of decisions in the UFC that angered the likes of Joe Rogan ( summarized here).

Kizer was very vocal in his defense of the inept judges over the years and his decision to step down the evening of Friday 1/10/2014 came as a surprise to most in the Boxing/MMA industry.



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