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mayweather sr and ruben guerrero

Floyd Mayweather Sr to Box at age 61

According to this story from TMZ.com Floyd Mayweather Sr is going to soon step into the ring again against Ruben Guerrero.

When the entire goal of a sport revolves around the marketing of an event so the maximum number of people care enough to pay $60 for a Pay Per View many interesting story lines develop and are often times fabricated.  During the promotions for the May, 2013 fight between Robert Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Jr the promotional teams were in a tight window as far as time goes and they had to stir up some drama and fast.  Robert tried to embrace the role as the good Christian man who clearly was the opposite of the ultimate “heel” in Floyd Mayweather Jr.  The fight wasn’t garnering enough attention so both fighter’s fathers got involved.  The rest is history.  I have no complaints.

Floyd Sr and Ruben had many entertaining exchanges of words leading up to the fight between their son’s in which Robert lost to Floyd via a clear cut unanimous decision.  The rumors have said for some time the two truly don’t like each other but it now appears the two actually plan on stepping into the ring together sometime soon.

Mayweather Sr was a successful professional Boxer finishing with a career pro-record of 28-6 with 18 KOs.  He spent some time in prison and has had multiple runs as a very successful Boxing trainer.  He last fought professionally in 1990.

Ruben Guerrero was a professional Boxer but finished his pro-career with an 0-7 record.  6 of his defeats came via a Knockout.

Highlights of the two’s feud:

In 2013 Floyd and Ruben were involved in this scuffle.


Here was another entertaining clip involving Ruben and Floyd Sr as they were promoting their son’s May, 2013 fight.

Here Ruben talks smack about who has served the more impressive jail stint.  He also references his nuts.


Last and not least I will leave you with this.  Ruben gave this interview in 2013 where he said this:


“I’m ready to go. We’re ready. However they want to do it, let’s do it. It don’t even have to be in the MGM, we can do it in the parking lot. I never lost a fight in the street and I never lost a fight in boxing… I don’t f–k around. I’m from the barrio holmes. I’ve been shot, I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been everything.”


It’s safe to say this will be the most highly anticipated Boxing match that i’ve ever known of where the clear cut favorite is 61 years old.  Please let this happen.  Make it on the undercard of the Mayweather vs Maidana fight.