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Genius Creates Space Jam Mod For NBA 2K14 (Video)

Genius Creates Space Jam Mod For NBA 2K14 (Video)

There are people out there who are smarter than me, I have excepted that fact.

Some genius created a modification for NBA 2K14 of the classic Space Jam movie. There is only one movie that has Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes in a story to save Looney Tune Land. The movie had Muggsy Bogues and Bill Murray, two people you need to create a great sports movie.

Don’t forget the amazing soundtrack. R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly” will now be stuck in your heads all week, you are welcome.

This is what people should be spending their expensive college educations doing, creating mods of classic sports movies for video games. I will be expecting Sandlot next. You are on the clock.


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