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John Calipari turned 55-years old last month, and his body seems to be falling apart. The Kentucky Wildcats coach has already had one  John Calipari Goes From Hip Coach, To Bad Hip Coachhip replacement and is currently in horrible pain with his other one. He’s in so much pain he says he has had to take painkillers to help him sleep, which apparently can make you irritable.

He is planning (according to Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal) to have his hip worked on at the end of the season.

This could be why Calipari has looked more like the old man telling kids to not walk on his grass, and less like the vibrant hip coach that draws in talent with the snap of his fingers. Chronic pain is no joke. Cal said on Monday’s radio show that he hasn’t worked out in almost two months. When he does workout, he uses an anti-gravity bag to keep pressure off his hips. (Watch video below)

In Saturday’s devastating loss to South Carolina, aging Cal was kicked out of the game after two technical fouls. I wont say  John Calipari Goes From Hip Coach, To Bad Hip Coachthat he wanted to be tossed, but he sure didn’t look too interested in watching from the sidelines.

Will his health issues hurt him recruiting? Nah… Will it keep him from being the coach he used to be? Maybe… He still has a silver tongue, knows how to use technology and resources to bring in the big talent, but this past week has shown a little different side of Calipari. A tired, cranky side of the coach.

I will say Calipari prides himself on mixing it up with his players. Teaching them by doing.  With two bum hips, he might not be able to do this type of coaching.

John Calipari now has the most analyzed hips in the business. Only time and a little bit of rehabilitation will tell if he is able to continue being the hip coach or the grandpa with the bad hips.

Regardless he will be the coolest grandpa on the block.


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