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Rick Pitino and Tom Izzo may not like social media, at least not for their players, but maybe that is because they know nothing about social media. According to John Calipari, who was interviewed by ESPN Radio Thursday morning, Izzo and Pitino are crazy for telling players not to use it.

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Pitino caused some Twitter beef Monday when he was asked about social media in a press conference. Although this quote was taken out of context, it flouted around social media sites. Which proved his point. He went on ESPN’s Mike and Mike yesterday to talk about his comments.

pitino twit John Calipari Says Izzo and Pitino Know Nothing About Social Media

Izzo made comments last week after the Marcus Smart incident with a Texas Tech fan.

“I’m a social media basher. I hate it,” Izzo said via USAToday.com. “I don’t think there’s any question that everything’s changed in the last three years because kids are going into these events — you never get away from it — you go there and you get chewed on and that’s normal and you can take that and you get on the bus and you get chewed on by their fans or your fans. Telling a kid not to read it, is telling a kid not to breathe.”

Well this is interesting Calipari loves the Twitter and Pitino doesn’t. This is a really big deal.


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