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Oh how time flies. 20 years ago to the day then Temple coach John Chaney threatened to kill then UMass coach John Calipari in a postgame press conference. Chaney was upset with how Cal was handling the officials.

Original story from The New York Times the day after the altercation.

“Could I say this to you, please?” Chaney said while Cal was at the podium. “You’ve got a good ball club. But what you did with the officials out there is wrong, and I don’t want to be a party to that. You understand?”

It almost went to blows didn’t it?

Back then we only had ESPN really and of course some sports radio. We would have had a lot more fun with it today making Memes, funny Vine videos and maybe even a fake Twitter account. Oh yeah, if only a coach would threaten to kill another coach. I would probably devote an entire month covering the story.

Things heal over time, the now Kentucky coach seems to be over it. He posted this picture of the two last year with this caption, “Great seeing John Chaney last night. It brought back some memories.”

 John Chaney Threatened To Kill John Calipari 20 Years Ago Today (Video)


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