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Kentucky Basketball: Is The Young Excuse Getting Old?

Dearest Kentucky fans, 

I come in peace. But I must ask the question, because I am sure your local Lexington media wont ask it and you may be too dazed about what is going on with Duck Dynasty to realize what is going on, I KID!

Rupp Arena used to be a place where teams feared to enter. The overwhelming awe of it would make lesser teams vomit in their mouth with nervousness. Saturday Belmont came into your cathedral with zero fear. This happens to even the best teams, as Coach Calipari says almost every chance he gets, “Kentucky is everyone’s Super Bowl.”

Belmont was leading at the half by two 43-41. They just didn’t have enough depth and energy to stay in the game. Although they did score 80 points. This is a team who has lost two games in a row; Denver 62-90 and South Dakota St. 85-72. South Dakota State people, really?

Now in Kentucky’s defense Belmont was draining threes, but it must be concerning, or is it?

Your beloved Coach Cal has said as the past couple of press conferences that his team is young and continue to show their youth. Example from from Saturday’s presser;

“You can tell how young we are. When you have a scouting report that said when (number) 1 catches it, he must bounce the ball, you watch the game and say, ‘Did they even know the kid could shoot?’ And then the game gets going, and he makes a couple, and you say again — but that’s the lack of focus for young guys.”

Now at any other school this excuse would be ok, but the expectation is on Kentucky is different. Not that anyone else has put these high expectations on the Cats, but you all did it to yourselves. Remember the whole “We are college basketball” speech. That was done by your coach at the beginning of the season. A normal coach would have came out and said , “I have a young team coming in. They are talented, but they have a lot to learn. So be patient.”

Calipari, I remind you, is the one who recruits these players that only care about making it to the next level and care very little about the university or the tradition they represent. Is it ok with you that he continues to complain about how young they are?

Kentucky is now 9-3, far off from 40-0, and has not beaten a ranked team. Louisville will be coming in playing pretty good defense and with a lot of experience. Julius Randle is amazing, no doubt about that. He has shown some youth, but he has also shown flashes of superhuman like ability, so most of my concerns have nothing to do with him.

His words not mine:

This is a must win game for the Wildcats, don’t you think?

For me the excuse would start to get old, but what do I know I am just a concerned Louisville fan.


Go Cards and Beat Kentucky.





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