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Now that is the Louisville Cardinals team and Louisville Cardinals fans I know and love. The first Spring game of the second Bobby Petrino era was a success and it was fun. Walking into the stadium there was carnival rides and delicious fatty foods, it felt like a celebration. 27,500 fans came out to watch Bobby’s explosive offense and to see what can be expected in the upcoming season.

It has been a long time since this fan has seen the likes of Michael Bush, Chris Redman, Elvis Dumervil, Jason Spitz, Bilal Powell and Stefan LeFors back in PJCS. It is a welcome part of the Cardinal family that I feel has been missing for a long time. Our ex-players have represented us well, it is nice that they seem to feel welcome back.

So what should we expect (remember this is a Spring game and not every player was able to play who will be on the 2014 roster), fans should expect fun. Fans should expect to cheer the entire football game.

Let’s breakdown just a couple of players that played big during the Red-White game.

Will Gardner, QB, Red-shirt sophomore: Has a cannon, but seems to throw it effortlessly. Had some amazing accuracy on some of his passes. One to tight end Gerlad Christian right in the shoulder blade while he was being covered by two defensive backs. Gardner is the perfect type of QB for Petrino’s offense.

L.J. Scott, RB, freshman: It is hard for me to think of him as a freshman, he has talent beyond his years. He does not go down on the first hit, he keeps low and his feet moving. He will see playing time.

Michael Dyer, RB, senior: He seems to love the new offense, looks 100 times more comfortable than he did when he first joined the team last year. He can change directions on a dime and is wicked fact in the open field.

James Hearns, LB, Red-shirt freshman: He is big and fast. Seemed to be all over the field for the white team. Switched from outside linebacker to on the defensive end, which all the outside linebackers did. At 270-plus pounds he is a real talent to watch. Will be hard to keep him off the field this season.

Chucky Williams, CB, Red-shirt freshman: Also made some big plays for the white squad. He intercepted a pass and made some big hits throughout the game. Seems unafraid to guard anyone.

B.J. Dubose, DT, Senior: Anyone who has watched Louisville the past couple of years knows how good Dubose is. He is so quick off the ball and gets to the QB faster than anyone on the team. This could be a great season for him.

The center position is the only thing I am concerned about at this time. There was a few bad snaps, especially for the special teams. I am sure this will be ironed out, but I had to fined something wrong in this amazing Spring practice game.

Also just a little something else I noticed, defensive coordinator Todd Grantham is intense. There was a couple of times I am pretty sure he thought this was a real game.


Stats from the game

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