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orr smart

Jeff Orr is known as Texas Tech’s number one fan. Saturday night he got a little more famous when he was pushed by Oklahoma Stat’s Marcus Smart. Social Media and every sports news show in the country is talking about it, some already have some strong opinions on what should happen to Smart.

But Orr has a history of trying to get under apposing team’s skin. Just watch the end of this video. 


Orr apparently is not too happy with himself either for what he said.

 I personally like Marcus Smart and have a lot of respect for him coming back to school even though he was projected to be a top five pick in last year’s draft. He will have some repercussions, too many people saw it. But I hope people wont judge him for this mistake. Former Kentucky guard and current Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford will have to decide quickly what to do with Smart.

One last thing to mention. A grown man should not be yelling at a 19-year old kid. Let the game happen on the floor, you as a fan just sit back and enjoy. If Orr said something racial or anything way out of line, then Texas Tech needs to find a new No.1 fan.

Video of Texas Tech’s Number One Fan