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Rick Pitino was asked about John Calipari Tuesday in his pre-SMU game press conference. Media loves to get Pitino and Calipari to say something about each other, makes for great headlines.

If there is anyone who knows about the pressures of coaching at Kentucky it is Rick Pitino, so it doesn’t surprise me that local media asked about what his thoughts were.

Pitino was unaware about rumors and predictions that this is Cal’s last year as the Wildcats’ head coach.

He did say a little on Calipari and the job he has done.

“I don’t think John Calipari is ever leaving Kentucky,” Pitino said. “I don’t think Kentucky can get any better than John Calipari.”

“I give Calipari an A for his teaching, an A for recruiting and an A as a preparer.”

Nothing but praise from Pitino’s mouth about Cal. You can watch all his comments below, he talks about Cal and Kenutcky towards the end of the presser.

Video via Jody Demling.


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