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It has been eight days since the Kentucky Wildcats lost to the Florida Gators in Gainesville. It was a game that was never really close and never in doubt. But it appears that a new rejuvenated Kentucky team will be walking on to the floor for the SEC final game Saturday afternoon.

Tipoff is 3pm on ESPN.

Kentucky has had a pep in their step their first two games in the Georgia Dome the past couple days, beating LSU by 18 on Friday and then Georgia by 12 in the semi-final game Saturday. They seem hungrier and maybe even a tad bit more mature.

Florida has played alright in the SEC tournament, but not really as dominate as maybe a the No.1 ranked team in the nation should. It took them a little bit to pull away from Mizzou Friday, although they did win 72-49. They struggled to score against Tennessee Saturday, which almost allowed Tennessee to get the upset. Florida had some big defensive stands in the second that helped seal the win, 56-49.

These are two different type of teams going for the championship. Florida is a defensive minded team that scores most of its points on the break after turnovers and rebounds. Kentucky is an offensive minded team that uses their athleticism and size to get to the basket.

In the two games between Kentucky and Florida this season the Gators forced 27 turnovers, if Florida can be just as pesky this could be a long day for the Cats. Kentucky has given up 19 turnovers in the two games of the SEC Tournament.

Statsheet Preview

UK 76.4 45.4 68.0 32.6 41.3 14.7 26.6 11.6 12.2 4.8 6.2 19.0
UF 71.0 46.3 66.6 36.6 35.6 11.6 24.0 13.4 11.3 7.2 2.8 16.0
UK Opponents 66.8 40.3 69.1 31.3 31.2 11.3 19.9 10.3 10.9 5.7 3.1 22.6
UF Opponents 57.9 40.0 68.4 33.4 30.7 9.8 20.9 9.6 14.0 5.7 2.9 19.4




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