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Skip Bayless loves to stir up reaction, that is probably why his show First Take has so many viewers. This week ESPN analyst Todd McShay released his latest 2014 mock NFL draft. In it he had Teddy Bridgewater the No.3 pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars. This pick is different than Mel Kiper Jr.’s who has Johnny Manziel not only the first QB pick in this year’s draft, but the first pick of the draft overall.

Bayless declared on his show that he is completely sold on Johnny Manziel, but not on Teddy Bridgewater. He then began to spew out how Manziel played a tougher schedule in the SEC and has proven himself,blah blah blah.

His co-host Stephen A. Smith tried to show him the light, but Skip seems to be stuck in his view of Johnny Football.

Here is the segment.


 Here is Kiper and McShay explaining their predictions



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