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What it means if Strong Stays…

If Tom Jurich has the patience and the willingness to match the $5 million annually for five years contract that Texas has offered Charlie Strong… What does that mean?

Does it mean Louisville is immediately no longer a “Stepping Stone” football program?

Ever since Frank Camp retired following the 1968 season the Cardinals football fans have seen the following coaches come and leave once the opportunity for a bigger, better job opened up:

Lee Corso (left in 1972 to coach at Indiana), Schnellenberg (left for Oklahoma following the 1994 season), John L. Smith (left in 2002 for Michigan State), Bobby Petrino (left in 2006 for the Atlanta Falcons).

Each of the four coaches who left for greener pastures we not only rewarded with a pay increase but also with a better home. Both Indiana and Michigan State offered the football powerhouse conference of the Big 10, Oklahoma the Big 12 which has a long standing tradition of focus on football and obviously the Atlanta Falcons offered the National Football League which is arguably the most successful professional sports business in the country.

Does Louisville’s presence in the ACC signal the end of coaches looking for greener pastures?

The Atlantic Coast Conference has never had the reputation for football offered by the Big 10, SEC or Big 12.  With that being said the current state of College Football presents a very attractive situation for head coaches in the ACC.  Notre Dame is contractually obligated to play each ACC member at least once during their first three years as “partial football members”. 

While schools like Clemson and Florida State are very relevant nationally there are programs like Virginia Tech and Miami who will undoubtedly be competitive and an asset for the conference in the years to come.  Duke surprisingly is improving their football while UNC (22 current NFL players) and NC State (26 current NFL players) consistently produce NFL talent. 

I’ll ask you.  How significant of a statement would Tom Jurich make if he convinces Charlie Strong to turn down the Texas offer?

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